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1. Attacknids


They put ‘Attack’ in the name for a reason!

What more could any boy want than a fighting spider battle robot? The new Attacknids are just that, remote controlled spider robots that even blast disks or balls about 35 feet. With fully synchronised walking actions, these things really do scutter around like their arachnid brothers.

They were originally designed by inventor Jamie Mantzel from Vermont, who had a dream of making fighting robots. After failing to gain any luck with American toy companies, it wasn’t long until the British toy company ‘Wow! Stuff’ hooked up with Jamie to produce these Combat Creatures.

2. Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle

ImaginextA major trend in kid’s toys is combining electronic features with real world toys. Many toy manufacturers have taken notice of the exploding tablet market and have designed toys to incorporate them. The results are some of the most immersive and fun toys for children ever released.

The Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle is one such toy that connects to iPads (compatibility with other tablet types has not been announced yet) and uses it to create a medieval world for the child to explore.

Kids can roam around the castle halls, visit with the king, fight orcs and trolls, fly on their own dragon over the mountains of the kingdom, and even engage in two-player duels with friends and family. The connected app is still in relatively early development but already has a wealth of games and places to explore, and it’s a sure bet that Fisher Price will keep expanding them.




3. Zoomer

Zoomer Robotic Dog

Meet Zoomer, the Robotic Dog

Zoomer is the new robotic dog from Spin Master that looks like a Dalmatian puppy. This is the most advanced robo-dog on the market today, they say. Zoomer is fully articulated and highly interactive. With its fully articulated limbs, Zoomer has a large range of motion, and with its ‘ball paws’ it can play on any surface.

Zoomer can also act and move just like a real playful puppy, wagging its tail, rolling around and crouching. He also has voice activated commands and can learn when he is played with. Zoomer will respond to “roll over,” “play dead” and “go pee.” And he is fast!

Read what people are saying about Zoomer here, or check out Zoomer at here.

4. Electric Four-Wheel Off-Road Vehicle

Get 'em what they really want...

Get ‘em what they really want…

We say, when it comes right down to it, if you can afford it, get boys what they really want for Christmas! And for almost all boys, that would be a 4-wheeled Dirt ATV! Check out this Electric Dirt Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle by Razor! It is sweet. For hours, or days, of fun, you could hardly beat a gift that gets kids outside, exploring the world, being active and having fun on their own 4-Wheel Dirt ATV! Check this one out at Amazon (click here). And yes, it can be delivered to your home.



5. BattroBorg


You have to move to make these BattroBorg Robots fight it out in the ring!

The easiest way to explain what these BattroBorg Battling Robots are, is to say that they are some sort of cross between “Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em” and a Wii. These boxing robots are very similar to previous battling robots but with one major difference. Rather than controlling them with buttons or levers, these little guys work with a Wii style nun chuck controller. So if the player wants their robot to punch, they have to throw a punch.

The controller registers the player’s punch and the robot will immediately copy the same move. It can be great exercise and well as lots of fun to ‘battle’ with these little robots.

And there you have it, the Top Five Toys for Boys for Christmas 2013.


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Furby Boom! striped

3 Furbys

Furby Boom!

These gorgeous little creatures, with their massive eyes and huge personality are now more interactive than ever! They can…

· Play games and hatch Furblings with the free Furby Boom app
· Combine real-world and virtual play
· Furby Boom will remember the name you give it and has a personality shaped by you
· Interactive with more responses than previous Furbies
· Recommended for ages 6 and up (not suitable for under 3 due to possible choking hazards)

What can Furby Boom! do??

Here is a video which shows some of the many interactive things Furby does! Watch and enjoy…

Furby Designs

The Furby Boom is the newest (and a more interactive) edition with many designs including Zigzag, Waves, Peacock and Triangles. Working with the free Furby Boom app, digital baby Furblings can be hatched, collected and raised, with every Furby Boom hatching up to 50 eggs.

Furby Apps

interactive Furby Boom

Furby Boom comes with a free App

You can use the app to team up with your Furblings to play games such as Furball (the Furbish equivalent of soccer) or monitor your Furby Boom’s health by keeping track of hunger and cleanliness levels. This Furby Boom is more interactive than previous Furbies, with over twice as many responses. You can also shape your Furby Boom’s personality by the way you treat him. If you give him a name, he will remember it, and he will also remember the names of the other Furby Boom friends he meets.

Things we like about Furby Boom!

· Colorful designs
· Durable
· Voice is cute
· Very interactive
· Great, imaginative play


Not so much…

· A little expensive
· Fur sheds quite easily

Customer Reviews:

Furby Boom

Furby comes in so many designs and colors!

Most customers reviewing the Furby Boom found it enchanting with very few negative comments given; Amazon reviewers mirrored these sentiments with an excellent 4.5 out of 5 stars, with most people offering 5 stars and only a few giving less than 3 stars, which is exceptional.

The comments regarding the Furby Boom’s appearance were mainly positive, stating that they were colorful and bright. However, one reviewer did not like the bright colors of these new, updated Furbies.

Another reviewer found the Furby Boom durable and hard-wearing, although one person did comment that the Furby’s fur was easily shed and could cause potential problems for a child that was allergic or sensitive to fur or hair. Most people felt that this latest Furby was an improvement on early models, mainly due to being able to interact with the toy more.

Furby Boom purple

Give your kids a Furby Boom! They will love it.

Reviewers commented that the free Furby Boom app was easy to use and that it provided hours of virtual fun for their children. Only one person mentioned the cost of the Furby Boom, stating that it was expensive for what you got.

The overwhelming majority loved the Furby Boom and were very happy with their purchase!

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